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Danpex Corporation was found in 1985 with the commitment to design, manufacture, and distribute a full line of quality and reliable Local Area Network (LAN) products.  We have been quietly and reliably serving OEMs, ODMs resellers, and corporate consumers alike.  Our mission is to deliver the foremost innovative, versatile, and cost-effective LAN solutions to the network market.  The fast paced and dynamic industry of LAN presents many challenges.  Danpex's commitment to quality begins with the selection of the finest components and materials; continued through product development stage, carried over to the manufacturing process; completed with the most stringent quality control and thorough testing procedures.

The company introduced its first network products, a family of Arcnet products in 1986.  These Arcnet products had resulted in astonishing success, with their enhanced features (4-in-1, cabling method.)  Danpex's Arcnet products still enjoy a wide installed bases.  In 1987, Danpex was among the first manufacturers in the development of Ethernet products, again with extra features and functionalities at the most reasonable prices.

During the early part of 1990s, Danpex's customer base continued to expand at a rapid pace.  To ensure product availability, we continue to expand our network distributors, resellers, OEM and ODM customers.  Careful selection ensures that our channel partners are highly regarded.  Any professional companies understand that the ultimate success of their company can only be achieved by the success of their customers.

Over the years, Danpex continued to provide LAN industry with the high-yielding and infallible LAN products at a very competitive price level.  It is our mission to provide our customers the most advanced, cost-effective, easy to use, ingenious, and adaptable products.  These versatile products enable customers to build completely integrated network solutions from a single vendor.  It is through this commitment that we continue to furnish "The Complete Solution" for your networking requirements.


Danpex Corporation has been a major influence in the networking and communication industry.  Throughout its history, the company has been recognized as a creative, innovative, and pace-setting OEM/ODM manufacturer of LAN products.  Our primary focus has always been the provider of extensive LAN solutions.  Our wide products line offers virtually every known business applications ranging from low cost workstation connectivity to super high throughput optical fiber connection.

At the ISO 9000 certified facility, Danpex now manufactures and distributes over one hundred new or enhanced products.  With our commitment in optical fiber technology and development, we are proud to be the first and still the only manufacturer in the world to provide PC Card (PCMCIA) with optical fiber connectivity.  More optical fiber products selection include:

  • 64/32-Bit PCI 1000Base-SX, 100Base-FX, and 10Base-FL network adapters with MT-RJ, VF-45, Duplex-SC, Duplex-ST, and LC connection
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet fiber switches
  • Media conversion rack mount center or standalone unit with fiber segment length up to 100 km
  • Various 100Base and 10Base transceivers

To serve the growing network demand among the residential multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and commercial multi-tenant units (MTUs) markets, we have series of products to be launched in the coming months.

It is our commitment to continuously introduce new products, which are designed and manufactured by leading edge technologies to benefit users as the ultimate cost-effective and increased performance solutions.


The quality of Danpex's products and services is assured through our people oriented environment, where people are constantly encouraged to be creative, flexible, and progressive.  In such environment, a good idea can become a better product or evolving into new application.

New technologies and industry standards are continually being introduced by our talented and proficient employees.  With the dawning of information age, the industrialized world's appetites for better, faster, bigger, and more sophisticated evolving systems interconnection, Danpex enlists individuals that are multi-talented and well acquainted in networking systems and industry standards.  Strategic investments are made in research, product development, and training.  In the knowledge of better products are developed by better people.


Through continuous improvement and vertical integration of engineering manufacturing, distribution, service and support functions, Danpex's commitment remains clear, consistent, and obtainable.